Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Strike in Narrow Path built-in editor

This time I was able to use built-in editor in Commandos BEL mod called Strike In Narrow Path. It's pretty similar to that one found in Commandos BTCOD. If you wanna try it just download SINP ddraw.dll and put it in the directory with SINP binary. It will work only with SINP 2.3 english version.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

BCoD flamethrower in action

Another small step made. It's possible to use flamethrower. Proper character animation is still missing. This is still work in progress.

Flamethrower in BCOD

Mechanic with flamethrower

It was brought to my attention that there is possibility to use a flamethrower in BCOD. So I started playing with it. As far as I know only Mechanic character has proper animations for it. I found a way how to add it to backpack. It's still not fully usable. Just work in progress.

Commandos BCOD Modding

Commandos BCOD with game editor and Lua interpreter.
I was playing with some code injection and I was able to inject entire Lua interpreter into existing game. Below you can see some examples of my recent work.
Also I found that some debug options in BCOD were left by developers they have removed just key shortcuts. Current status is that I can use Lua interpreter to investigate and modify state of the game. My plan is to use Lua to extend existing game engine with some fun stuff.