Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Commandos BTCOD windowed on 32 bit dekstop

I got tired with switching to 16 bit desktop to be able to run BTCOD in windowed mode. So with bunch of lines of C++ code here it's. Additional feature is full-screen console with Lua interpreter and some game engine features available from Lua script. I had to implement DisplayDevice interface and provide some simple methods to create and resize game window, locking/unlocking primary drawing surface. With this new SdlDisplayDevice I was finally able to use quake-like console in the game window. You probably remember that previously it had to be in separate window. But that's not all. There is Lua script interpreter running and there are some features available. Just as proof of concept one can check current game engine state, select character and check some character attributes like type , name from the Lua script. More to come. Enjoy the video.

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